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Routers using WPS are intrinsically unsafe
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Disable Win8’s SmartScreen for better performance
Help with changing a Wi-Fi network password
Middle Earth flies Air New Zealand
Technology to warm your heart — it works
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Bonus helps you get to know Windows 8
Zelda: Not an ordinary New York City matron
Making the hardware switch to Windows 8
The fizzy season of festivities and fraud
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Controlling apps that launch unexpectedly
Microsoft Accounts: The good, bad, and indifferent
Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 Preview out
Synching Outlook to an Android device
Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 5
Managing news in a high-tech company town
The art of domino toppling: A natural for video
Readers offer tips, views — and resistance
Laplink’s PCmover makes migrating to Win8 easy
Keeping in touch: Facebook versus LinkedIn
BSoDs from an unexpected source: WMP service
Windows Secrets’ annual readership survey
Internet data centers battle back from Sandy
Holidays burden the existential mind
Effective naming practices of scareware
Getting to know Windows 8’s File Explorer
Improving the Win8 experience with a Touch Mouse
Navigate Win8 quickly with keyboard shortcuts
Why I actually want to buy Windows 8
Upgrade to Windows 8 — or not!
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Windows Secrets special issue on Windows 8
Add custom tiles to the Win8 start screen
Win8 boot guide: Your first hour with the new OS
New devices that connect to PCs via Bluetooth
When the short answer is ‘probably’
‘Tis the season of unsettling events
Readers recommend Thunderbird alternatives
Win8 patching gets off to a bit of a rough start
Win8 vs. Windows RT: What to know before you buy
Getting a jump on Microsoft Windows 8
Windows 8 learns lessons from Windows 7
The ultimate virus scan: Clean outside Windows
Nothing lost in translation after all
Trying to make friends at Costco using song
Diagnosing PC hangs and freezes redux
Dropbox makes the easiest way to send photos
For your health: Finding an ergonomic keyboard
How to recover from an accidental reformat
Not your ordinary road hazards in Scandanavia
Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 4
Clerical error causes huge Patch Tuesday ripple
FTC takes on telephone scareware scammers
Hard news from Pippa the weathergirl
The ultimate Windows Secrets utilities list
Adobe security certificates compromised
Drive alignment and solid-state drives
Does Microsoft have an ‘official’ Facebook page?
Synching with Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive
Protecting PCs from the next zero-day threat
The decline of the PC, measured in DRAM
Incognito-type browser modes not secure
Maybe a bit too much miniature craftsmanship?
Fix for the most recent IE zero-day threat
Ultrabooks: Thin and light, but at what cost?
If you use IE, don’t — at least not for now
Windows Secrets newsletter site hacked!
Testing new new OS-updating procedures in Win8
A cheap, effective home server — using Windows 8
Can you come back from a bad website unscathed?
A fine-tooth comb process for malware removal
Video-streaming services you might like to try
‘Computer frustration’ is a video genre
Hidden tricks to make Gmail work better for you
Forgotten/lost/damaged Content Advisor password
A deep and wide reference to Office work
Always good advice: Check your settings!
A new operating system, a new round of patches
Shall we dance everywhere with Matt?
Rethinking the process of hard-drive sanitizing
Java: Patching’s good, but removal is better
Protect your laptop and your digital life
Using and understanding SMART hard-drive tools
Near-certain ways to improve PC startup times
Digital sublimity: Typewriting the iPad
Java: Conduit for new zero-day attack
The best of Windows Secrets on Windows 7
An argument for best use of credit cards
Do graphics tricks without Photoshop
Apps temporarily — and randomly — freeze
Printing without hassles — or cables
Hey you, cyber thief: Get off my Cloud!
Where we’re all headed with Windows RT
Facebook is almost everywhere: you might be, too
A bountiful summer crop of Patch Tuesday updates
Readers ask many questions about Soluto
Artists with paint cans strive for glory, too
New malware claims it’s the FBI, shuts you down
Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 3
World Order shows us “Machine Civilization”
Clever malware masquerades as system scanner
Reducing shutdown delays in XP At last, a worthy MS mail program
Test-driving ‘free scan’ tune-up suites
Windows Secrets readers share their findings
Keeping secure connections in an XP/Win7 net
He is a walrus of distinction and flair
What to expect from the Windows 8 rollout
The end for Home Server and Small Business Server
Banking on whether Windows is safe for banking
Cultural expectations organize our documents
In case you need to go on an information diet
Three inanimate dancers: kite choreography
Better system security: Patch it or remove it
SYSTEM_DRV and other mystery partitions
Managing your e-mail by understanding it
These days, it’s all about connections
Software that updates your other software
It’s time to do some patch housecleaning
Do Microsoft warning popups really protect you?
Surrealism revisited: Super Mario Brothers
A real-world report on antivirus use
Just (barely) getting started with Office 2013
GIMP: A free alternative to Photoshop
Kill those Vista and Win7 gadgets now!
House Call 2012: One family, four PCs
Microsoft fixits offer temporary protection
Build an e-book library free of DRM limits
Why some temporary files simply won’t go away
Tech-savvy magician is an artful, honest liar
Not joking: Keep laptop off your lap
Celebrating the Fourth of July with gusto
The good and the bad of solid-state drives
Win8 + Windows RT + WinRT = mass confusion
Trading privacy for really great tools?
What makes ‘Restore Previous Versions’ fail?
Some ugliness installing an after-market SSD
Ad flood slows webpages to a crawl
Henri observes the rituals of le vet
Questions and more questions when HD fails
Where we stand — and are going — with Windows 8
Three cardinal rules of mobile computing
MS sends out a silent update to Windows Update
Getting reacquainted with PowerPoint
On the road: Working with Office docs on an iPad
The pros and cons of regular hard-drive upkeep
Theatrically decorous all day long
When security requires a conversation
Little-known browser commands and functions
Patch Tuesday features all the usual suspects
In case you’d rather be lucky than good
Alternative music sites for eclectic tastes
Is Windows’ pagefile a security risk?
Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 2
Extreme choreography for the birds
Flame malware and security-certificate issues
Why MS is dropping DVD-video playback in Win8
Blossom Time parade: Everyone wants to have fun
All subscribers get this free
Hard drive fares badly in dust storm
A Windows system that never needs defragging?
How to transfer files from Windows to the iPad
“Don’t show this update again” is a good option
Unusual photo and video effects from Microsoft
New devices move data faster and more flexibly
New Trojan/malware is spreading rapidly
A confusing mix of .NET Framework updates
Dancing in the street for health and good times
A (hopefully) final word on newsletter fonts
Best practices for trouble-free Windows patching
Patch Watch update: Duqu-patch install problems
Easily add Recent Places to your Start Menu
Beautiful, strange, and highly disciplined
A concise guide to the Win8 Consumer Preview
No joy: Can’t get YouTube videos on his PC
Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 1
Beating back Duqu and a plethora of other threats
Windows Live is dead — get over it!
More on System Restore’s disk-space needs
Playing out the future of DVD playback
Texting while driving: a required tutorial
DNSChanger is not the end of the world
More on shrinking Windows’ huge WinSxS folder
Free photo-editing tools do more than ever
Looking at MSE 4.0 in Security & Backups
Henri’s existential ennui continues
Taking stock of the Windows 8 versions
Moving media from your PC to the big screen
When to reduce System Restore’s disk space
Cross-discipline style confusion wrecks format
No heart attacks happened on camera
Time to sweep out a few of the leftover patches
Office Q&A: Image wrangling in Word 2010
Familiar computing products get new capabilities
Readers write about serious troubles
Windows reports file sizes two different ways
Well-choreographed mayhem in a town square
Targeted, but limited, attacks on text docs
Safely send sensitive information over the Net
Glamorous Vancouver, B.C., can take a joke
‘Tell your beloved to uninstall his adapter’
House Call 2012: Fixing a sluggish PC
A vexing Web-browser security warning
Stand back: performance packs a jolt
Manage mail — and life, too — in Outlook
How to pass an audit (of your computer)
Web filtering keeps you a little safer
Parental controls for kids — and adults
Protect your computer: sandbox apps and files
Shrink that gigantic WinSxS folder down to size
Musical flash mob provides a pleasant interlude
It’s springtime for Microsoft service packs
Moving data between devices is as easy as U-S-B
Internet research for the careful citizen
Sometimes the solution is to disable an AV app
Lions take notice of intrusive robocam
Take good Lounge advice: Be prepared
New “419” scam involves PayPal and Western Union
From apps to Office on Amazon’s Kindle Fire
Remote access leads to remote attacks
Controversial service puts Win7/Office on tablets
What’s causing these severe, recurrent crashes?
An average Windows user gets lost in Win8
Readers with ideas write to Windows Secrets
Step by step: How to safely test-drive Win8
Take control of Google’s privacy policy settings
The Start menu super guide — Part III
Do hardware drivers need to be updated?
Introducing the Lord Howe Island stick insect
Hello, World: Windows 8 shows its face
A Windows veteran looks at Win8 Consumer Preview
Windows 8 Consumer Preview — First impressions
Windows 8 Consumer Preview hits a PC near you
It’s a Windows patching clean-up week
The Windows Start menu super guide — Part II
Readers react to antivirus ‘resource pig’ story
At the Oscars: Not everyone loves a clown
Know thyself: applies to your hard drive, too
Office 365: Office in the Cloud still promising?
PC security Golden Rule: patch early, patch often
Smart configuration tricks for Win7 Explorer
When Win7’s internal diagnostic utilities fail
All that jazz in NOLA — in case you missed it
Ribbon creep or Ribbon triumph: Which is it?
The Windows Start menu super guide — Part I
Windows Secrets’ top tips for Windows XP
A definitive guide to the mysteries of Windows 7
A slew of Valentine’s Day security updates
‘Blue Screen of Death’ over and over again
Champis: The world’s smallest shepherd
E-mail power user makes a Win8 mail-client wish
Readers talk back to Windows Secrets
Is your free AV tool a ‘resource pig?’
Getting to basics: straight and simple text
How to change Microsoft’s %$#@! Ribbon
What, exactly, does System Restore protect?
Fiery Celtic dancing by Dutch horse in the U.S.
Why would you change your default calendar?
Windows 8 — streamlining the update process
Turn that spare PC into a digital video recorder
Take a note: OneNote versus Evernote
Finding Windows Media Player’s hidden controls
Culturally relevant rugby in the South Pacific
Loungers consider new Google privacy policy
Your next computer could well be a tablet
Waiting for more information on fallen updates
Hard-drive partitioning gives better protection
Vague error messages complicate troubleshooting
Waltz of the crashes in snowy Seattle
Do e-readers need antivirus protection?
Ready or not, you’re getting IE 8 or 9
Learn to use the versatile Microsoft OneNote
Lessons learned from the Stratfor files
Welcome to the 64-bit era of Windows
Are tracking-prevention tools worthwhile?
Imagining the secret life of books, after hours
Tablet users curious about smartphone apps
Say goodbye to BIOS — and hello to UEFI!
Starting 2012 with a typical Patch Tuesday
Storage Spaces might be Win8’s best feature yet
Secure your browser from homepage hijacking
Illusions in an ice-and-water world
Continuing ed: VBA programmers like books
Great Android helper apps for Windows
Some leftover patch business from 2011
Five tricks for improving Windows Media Player
Staying in touch with voice and video
Easily edit Windows’ right-click context menus
Ducks take on all comers — friend or foe
Malware removal: Learning the hard way
Windows Defender Offline — old name, new use
The best of Wacky Web Week — 2011
The best of LangaList Plus — 2011
Create highly effective documents with MS Office
One year and 99 security bulletins later
Give your Win XP system an end-of-year cleaning
Plenty of alternatives to Adobe Reader X
Tired of surfing in the wet? Try a volcano!
Do you mix and match your scanner software?
Setting up a temporary ‘ad hoc’ network
A special offer for Windows Secrets subscribers
VM: Running computers inside computers
Sysinternals: an underappreciated utility suite
Correcting a dual-boot setup failure
Airport voice speaks to you kindly — from Maine
Among the browsers: Firefox endangered
Carrier IQ: A privacy tempest of what size?
Should you apply the new Duqu workaround?
Menu opens doors to little-known Windows tools
Different ways to move user folders
A gift that’s unique and challenging!
Against SPAM: Retaliation considered
Building your own XP Service Pack 4
Turkeys in pursuit of state troopers
Everyone gets a small holiday — from patching
The unequal offerings of photo-storage services
Smart surge protectors can cut your power bill
Extending the reach of your Wi-Fi signal
Sadly, SIRI doesn’t do knock, knock jokes
Riddle: When is a computer preoccupied?
What you can do about soaring hard-drive prices
Troubleshoot and secure your new Win7 system
Working with formulas and charts in Excel 2010
UDP networking ports threatened by TCP/IP flaw
Find out where that e-mail really came from
Can Windows 7’s XP Mode be uninstalled?
Wily dog takes over the beautiful game
Fortunate exchange between Scotland and Earth
The ultimate guide to fixing Windows 7 problems
Putting Registry-/system-cleanup apps to the test
Windows Secrets reader survey posted
Wireless data devices for home and the road
Polishing your (photo) image — for free!
Yet more on Win7’s XP Mode: printing and DOS
Purchasing the morning brew turns ugly
Facebook really ought to have a manual
The thousand-dollar penalty for reusing passwords
Office 2007 gets its final service pack
Touching Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8
Taming aggressive freeware-download extras
Making happy history of the Cold War
Mixed media for e-mail? All advise against it
What you should know about Windows’ Event Viewer
Windows Secrets’ Windows 7 e-book, Volume 2
The myths and facts of zero-day threats
Windows Phone 7.5: Evolution, Part 2
More information on Windows 7’s XP Mode
A few simple experiments — just for fun
When you think your trouble is a software virus
Making the most of Really Simple Syndication
Time for a .NET update we can’t ignore
Windows Phone 7.5: Evolution, Part 1
Putting Windows backups on your schedule
The competition steals a winning business plan
Windows Secrets Lounge information is free
Take your PC’s temperature — for free!
Exploring legacy tools in Windows 8
Three exceptional apps for every Windows version
Should you wipe old routers before disposal?
Hazel has had a long, long day at the dog show
Some questions are easier to ask than answer
Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 2
Can you trust the SSL protocols anymore?
Windows Secrets’ new Windows 7 e-book
Leaving long cookie trails throughout the Web
Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 1
1.8TB external drive goes down hard
Learning that life can be a bit sour
Considering Windows Vista in context
Using Windows 7’s XP Mode — step by step
Working with images and text in Office 2010
Moving more DigiNotar certs to ‘untrusted’
Passwords — don’t take them with you
Upgrades end in erratic, partial hangs
Even French cattle have a fondness for jazz
Etiquette lesson for the computer age
The sorry tale of the (un)Secure Sockets Layer
Revising printing habits saves money and trees
Windows 8 preview: Easier file management
Windows-like security for Android devices
Where the fish are jumping — by the hundreds
When it’s more efficient to start over
Certificate cleanup for most personal computers
Multifunction printers’ hidden element of risk
What to do about bad technical support
Easily clean an XP PC for a new Win7 install
Facebook etiquette lessons, circa 1960
Irene interfered with computers in New Jersey
Top iPad apps for Windows users: Part II
After 30 years, the PC is finally secure
How to tell Windows Live from Office 365
A simple fix for hangs when closing applications
The CliffsNotes version of Star Wars
We hide error reports from our software
Tame a new system’s hard-drive bloat
Special deals on software for WS subscribers
When it’s time to do a total Windows 7 reinstall
Recycling your PC — and your gadgets, too
Do reinstalls cause Windows-activation failures?
For one canine athlete, a hedge too high
When simple answers raise more questions
Top iPad apps for Windows users: Part I
Get the most out of Windows Media Player 12
Stay secure on the Internet with our best tips
Vacation’s over; it’s a big round of patches
Word 2010 tricks for more polished documents
When dial-up is the only way online
In the court of public opinion, a snake wins
Welcome to the Lounge’s new room: Social Media
Recovery: the last step in total data security
New Microsoft patch dedicated to Fred Langa
The performance price of Win7’s visual effects
Four (relatively) painless small-network upgrades
Undeletable ‘ghost’ e-mails in Windows Live Mail
Intrepid spider-catcher impresses child
Microsoft-bashers won’t like this video
Privacy smackdown: Facebook versus Google+
Changes to the Windows Secrets privacy policy
Windows Secrets privacy policy changes
Link of the Week: Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Take a short summer break from patching
Blink, and you’ll miss the next Firefox
Pros and cons of a ‘keyfile’ password
Add an armored laptop to your security checklist
What works for you: Hotmail versus Gmail
The advanced system-recover toolkit
A free download for all subscribers
Making Microsoft Word 2010 easier to use
Can Google+ seriously challenge Facebook?
Digging deeper into Win7-XP networking
Possessed by a supernatural … vacuum?
Fine points of software purchasing mastered here
How to download and save streaming videos
Extend the life of your PC with Windows Secrets’ best tips
Office File Validation patch leads to problems
Looking for green (energy) in cloud computing
ID those cryptic programs in Control Panel
Watch out! This photo booth has attitude
Yikes! My software hates my hardware!
Win7’s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall
Put phantoms in check with energy meters
‘Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed’
Stolen camera turns into critter-cam
Discovering the culprit is preferred
Don’t pay for software you don’t need — Part 3
Social-networking update: Facebook and Google+
Keeping you up to date: say no to .NET — again
Special Patch Watch update issue
Trouble dispatching dangerous downloads
Review: A screaming SSD hard drive
Win7-to-XP Remote Desktop problems
Ready for a house that’s smarter than we are?
Internet connection: frustration of the week
It’s time to move up to Internet Explorer 9
Stream media with Windows Home Server
Internet Explorer gets another round of patches
Evernote: Variety is the spice of life
Remove a recurring malware infection
For one it’s a toy — for the other it’s a meal
Alleged stockbroker ruins investor’s week
RPV: Win7’s least-known data-protection system
Internet Explorer loses market share rapidly
Windows Phone 7: It’s just so darned pretty
Solving browser JavaScript problems
Allen! Allen! Al! … It’s not Alan. … Steve!
Tourists not welcome to her wireless connection
What you need to know now about Windows 8
Windows 8 — Lots of smoke, little fire
The need for Windows 7 Service Pack 1
WP7: Are flash and function too much to ask for?
Holy …! My Win7 backup folders are empty!
Guest lizard doesn’t lounge on show
Young hacker thwarts Parental Controls — how?
Re-examining Dropbox and its alternatives
Re-examining Facebook personal privacy
Protect your finances from online threats
Readers’ best personal-privacy tips
Arming yourself against fresh fruit
Parental controls for online safety at home
Mobile privacy: lots of Big Brothers, little clarity
Protecting your personal information online
The ultimate reference for Windows Phone 7
The complicated world of antivirus testing
Four free hard-drive maintenance tools
MSE delivers mixed results in antivirus tests
Mountain bike racer has camera: you travel
An imponderable, maybe, in the Lounge
Don’t pay for software you don’t need — Part 2
It’s PowerPoint déjà vu all over again
It’s not ready for prime-time computing
Win7 network stuck in ‘Public’ mode
Future ‘rock stars’ on the big wall
Shakespearean question for us: what’s in a name?
Build a complete Windows 7 safety net
Big-time Wi-Fi security for the small office