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Researching maintenance questions in advance
Photographic monkey business: Who’s the artist?
When Data Execution Prevention malfunctions
Bargain laptops and a local cloud-storage device
Help in keeping your desktop organized
The fight for net neutrality goes to round two
IE version change wrecks Google Maps?
‘Situation threatens to become catastrophic’
How to prevent repair/recovery disc failures
Turn vacation photo albums into a group project
Win8.1 Update: Much ado about (almost) nothing
The Windows Maintenance Challenge: Part 1
Problems with Firefox synching
Skype kills third-party IM client support
How to avoid overreacting to threat detection
Science suggests better way to slice cake
Running 16-bit programs on 32/64-bit Windows
Evernote vs. OneNote: Two excellent note-takers
Underused tools hiding in Windows 7 and 8
Approach with caution: Preparing to update
In a canine universe, meet St. Jumpy
Follow-up questions about Android security apps
Why we’re moving to the IPv6 network protocol
A few glitches with July Windows/Office updates
What you need to know about 802.11ac Wi-Fi
When your needs don’t change but software does
Live in World Cup culture every day
See what’s bogging down any Windows PC
Useful Excel functions for crunching numbers
How to reset lost passwords for Windows
Move over, Windows; Google and Apple are movin’ in
Word 2003 toolbars lost and recovered
We can supply you with binder twine
Problems with Win8’s custom recovery image
New attacks on Windows’ secondary components
Mobile security: Apps to protect Android devices
Frequently attacked software has adherents
Your mailbox, fridge, garbage bin are occupied
Fixing a ‘program blocked by Group Policy’ error
Review: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet
Housekeeping tips for common Web browsers
Revisiting the WS Security Baseline: Part 1
Workaround fixing and miraculous fixing
Contrary to popular belief times 10
Preventing data theft from Windows system files
Resizing digital images for use on the Web
Summertime, and the patching’s (relatively) easy
Office Online versus Google Apps: Facts and FUD
How to keep pieces of the Web for later
Because of how you look: Through Google Glass
More on better data/boot security for Windows
Devices for Win8, cloud storage — and your car
Patch Watch update: Hyperbole about an IE update
Data-encryption alternatives to TrueCrypt
Help offered you might not yet know you need
The cruelest months, according to Henri
The problem with BIOS-level passwords
A visual tour of Win8’s new Task Manager
June brings a hodgepodge of security fixes
The life and untimely demise of TrueCrypt
New home, new connections to Internet
Little box works at purposelessness
Readers disagree with Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips
Word tips — for the task of writing words
Cleaning up May’s Windows and Office updates
Shortcuts for working with Win8 (Win7, too)
Favorite software of the image-editing crowd
Artful walking and other choreographed endeavors
Strange ‘phantom folders’ on networked PCs
Manage Windows faster with Run commands
Picking the right image format for the Web
File-sharing strategies for Windows 7 and 8
The ‘try something else’ solution for Hotmail
Acrobat over real-life, rush-hour bridge traffic
How to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7
Tips for setting up a new Windows PC
The rapid-fire updates for Office 2013 continue
Better data and boot security for Windows PCs
Confusion about latest Windows security update
Why did the crow slide down the window?
Curing unexplained Wi-Fi interruptions
What to look for when buying a new PC
Office 365 Personal: Not an outstanding value
Common myths about troubleshooting a slow PC
Net neutrality: What it is, why you should care
Heartbleed threat goes well beyond PCs and websites
Out-of-cycle update from MS for IE vulnerability
Making a list: Counting virtues of Windows 8
People in the sky in diamond formation
Confusion about MS Security Essentials on XP
Taking a new approach to old problems
Working with email in browsers and apps
The fuss about a new IE zero-day vulnerability
Why continuing support for XP is bad math
New tools, new features: Getting to know them
Natural events when we’re not on the scene
Obscure error halts rescue disk–creation process
Patching Windows — the Windows 8.1 Update edition
Win8.1 Update becomes the new patch ‘baseline’
Times-have-changed department: Marital chat
Playing with winter snow — in August
Is it worthwhile to upgrade an XP-era PC?
Taking Microsoft’s Office for iPad for a spin
Shedding some light on security-cert warnings
Emergency repair disks for Windows: Part 2
Simplifying life: How to have email, sans PC?
“Please don’t watch this movie on your phone”
Diagnosing a computer’s power-state troubles
Time for spring cleaning — your hard drive
Adieu XP; bonjour Windows 8.1 Update
Emergency repair disks for Windows: Part 1
Patch Watch special: Windows 8.1 Update coming
All’s well one day; can’t load browsers the next
Department of odd couples: Man and goose
Is XP Mode — or any virtual XP PC — safe to use?
30 days of working and living on a Win8 laplet
Bing: Searching the Microsoft way
What you should know about Windows 8.1 Update
Evaluating ISP’s security recommendations
Don’t have to be batty to like bat babies
What to do when a CAPTCHA verification fails
Gadgets fill in mobile computing’s missing links
Revisiting nonsecurity fixes, plus XP’s countdown
Why — and when — net neutrality is important
When your ISP server is blacklisted
Canine joyfully breaks household rules
Restore accidentally deleted admin privileges
Making a Win8 laplet into a Win7-ish workstation
Giving Win8’s Hyper-V virtualization a spin
Comcast and Time Warner Cable: The upshot for us
Day 30: Windows fast and slow
Service says you’re online when you’re not?
Most of the venom has been taken out of her”
Controlling what Win8’s File History saves
Easily move files between Windows and Android
The final countdown for Windows XP support
How to run Google’s Android OS on a Windows PC
Rethinking passwords and their keepers
Getting past obstacles but not over your nerves
Using Win8’s File History with multiple drives
Microsoft reinvents its online Office suite
Simple ways to back up your most precious files
Notes from the RSA Conference on security
Day 23: Keeping up with the news
Phone calls from knowledgeable strangers
A more extreme version of Olympic speed skating?
Win8.1 drops Win7-style backup option
Services for managing online storage
A rough week for both Apple and Microsoft
Turmoil at Microsoft; implications for Windows users
Day 16: My ASUS laplet and its troubled sleep
Day 10: Changing the docking station
Microsoft releases fixes for IE 9, 10, and 11
SkyDrive becomes OneDrive: New name, same wares
Who can suspend your email account?
Invitation to leaping in a stream: Elk version
Preserving Windows XP in a virtual PC
Time to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 for Win7?
Sorting out the revolution in PC backups: Part 2
Day 6: Saturday tablet nightmares
Day 3: The annoyances of the no-zoom tablet
Readers write about the coming XP end-time
Trick-shot Titus has a magic way with basketball
Preventing unwanted mapped-drive disconnects
Text support, back support, and tech support
Staying safe on the Internet — year round
Sorting out the revolution in PC backups: Part 1
Living and working with a Win8.1 tablet: Day 1
A lively discussion about migrating off XP
A good way to see PC content when far from home?
How Seattle celebrates a Super Bowl victory
Virtual PC helps diagnose driver issues
Take back your privacy when using the Internet
Why privacy is increasingly difficult to protect
A last reprieve for the enduring Windows XP?
Out-of-cycle security update for Flash zero-day
Newsletter delivery issues
Wise to try more than one antivirus program
From the sidelines: They crushed his cape
How to correct failed updates and hotfixes
Microsoft tightens security for Microsoft accounts
MS gives us all a bit of good patching weather
Going small(er): Trading spinning disks for SSDs
More on cracking browser-stored passwords
Microsoft employees hacked
When it’s smart to lose a little money
Fox makes making a living look like fun
Taming Chrome’s excessive drive activity
At CES 2014: Mobility, security, and more
Reaching into your desktop PC remotely: Part 2
A few security lessons from the Target breach
How to manage the contents of your hard drive
Are you mad about the costume, pet?
Fixes for network access and sharing issues
Enhancing KeePass: Plugins and other tools
January updates: Something new, something old
Keep a healthy PC: A routine-maintenance guide
When a hacker might look like a helper
Automatic one-man band is a collectable
Clean out obsolete, space-consuming update files
Why and how to use an open-source password manager
Reaching into your desktop system remotely
The best of LangaList Plus from 2013
Windows Secrets goes on holiday-season break
Considering free online backup options
Light show plus 10 popular 2013 Wacky videos
Why relocating default folders is no longer wise
Moving documents from paper to bits to text
The 2013 ultimate Windows Secrets utilities list
Securing XP PCs after Microsoft drops support
‘Local’ important concept in formatting
A dangerous proximity to curious bears
Making use of unallocated hard-drive space
Windows 8 mice: Pointing in the right direction
Closing a long year of Windows patching
Pre-encryption makes cloud-based storage safer
A clear preference for the next Microsoft chief?
When ad-blocking tool blocks good popups
Play is still serious for the working dog
Verifying that an anti-malware app is working
Reducing Office updates with Click-to-Run
MS adds more options to Office 365 Home Premium
The increasing importance of backups
First Thanksgiving reimagined by Wednesday
Win7’s XP Mode virtual disk can grow huge
Manipulate document, image, and video formats
Everyone gets a holiday from Windows patching
A hands-on look at Microsoft’s new Xbox One
Websites don’t like old browsers or old settings
Hardly anyone more cooperative than a hungry dog
Working with user accounts in Windows 8x
Apps for synching Windows music with Android
Botnet innovation: Resistance is (nearly) futile
In Windows 8.1, you don’t sign out of Skype
Athletic competition — among Danish bunnies
More good questions on password management
MS Surface Pro 2 — the only PC you need?
IE 11 coming to a Windows 7 PC near you
‘PC settings’ gets major makeover in Win8.1
SkyDrive delivers old news after Win8.1 upgrade
Broadway Bombers skate through NYPD blockade
Questions about MS Security Essentials
Moving data — from PC to phone to TV to cloud
Moving up to Windows 8.1 without an MS account
Parsing Office 365 requirements: Always online?
Uneasy lives of dogs in cats’ houses
Different approaches to solving driver problems
Three good Windows 8 apps — and two lousy ones
A rocky start for the Windows 8.1 launch
CryptoLocker: A particularly pernicious virus
In Outlook, search might be a sometime thing
Thanks to Lizzy, the level-headed chicken
Solving Windows 7/8 networking slowdowns
A complete Windows repair kit — in your pocket
Protect yourself from the next big data breach
Look for software’s official download site
Coffee house prank is clever movie promotion
How to bypass the Windows sign-in password
External hard drives take on cloud storage
IE and .NET fixes, plus a Win7 cleanup update
Creating customized recovery images for Win8
Measuring the virtues of drive imaging
Not your ordinary costume — nor costume maker
The pitfalls of Windows 8’s Secure Boot
The kernel: Delving into Windows’ core
How to spend your first hour with Windows 8.1
Multilingual spellchecker offers too much help
New-season leaf pile delights dog and man
Pros and cons of a centralized firewall
Win8 lessons: Touch-and-swipe on the desktop
Cleaning up a crush of MS Office updates
From PC to HDTV via Google’s Chromecast
Out-of-cycle fixit for new zero-day IE threat
Phone service without a landline: What’s easiest?
How to deal with a spider in your car
PC security after XP’s official end of life
Quality digital audio at home and on the road
When so-called helper software becomes malware
Touring through the final Windows 8.1
What’s roomy, safe, and cheap in cloud storage?
Young guns debut at the 2013 America’s Cup
Expanding or replacing a solid-state drive
Slim down your autoloaders for faster boots
Office apps make up the bulk of September fixes
A clean-slate reinstall for Windows 8
Celebrating over nine years of Windows coverage
How safe will Word 2003 be next spring?
Henri le chat noir versus the caretaker
MS still struggling with Windows Media fix
Ways to secure a router — and other helpful tips
Loungers discuss Google versus privacy
You might wonder: Whose idea was that?
Chrome browser might need extra cleaning step
Favorite reader utilities for security and play
Security and the battle for browser dominance
Service helps small businesses move from XP
Stop (and ask) at the forum before you shop
Revolutionary history of weights and measures
Solving File History’s ‘excessive saves’ bug
Get a PC with a Win8 alternative — Windows 7
Microsoft re-issues last month’s .NET updates
A ‘no-reformat reinstall’ for Windows 8
When Microsoft really does call you on the phone
It’s the return of SharkCat — riding a Roomba
Easy ways to gain more hard-drive space
Can NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience enhance gaming?
Send email that only the recipient can read
Add-ons that help browsers block Web trackers
Video-editing app lost after OS upgrade
Reviewing cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con
Going Google (apps), Part 4: Contacts/Calendar
Rooting out a stubborn browser hijacker
You’re being followed! How to block Web tracking
How to protect nonprofit tools from volunteers
Be yourself but better: Guide to Burning Man
Traveling with tech: A geek goes to Rome
Compress bulky PDF files easily and for free
Take control of taskbar-icon proliferation
Microsoft Office 2010 gets a major update
Electricity is hot topic in Hardware forum
Balloons over Londonderry are Sky Orchestra
Solving file/folder copy problems in Windows
New protocols and devices for blazing Wi-Fi, USB
Feature showdown: Gmail vs.
Patch Watch update: Unexpected patch problems
R.I.P. TechNet — the sad end of an MS institution
Frying can happen any time you blink
Flying on water: Not your father’s sailing race
Tracking down the cause of an unwanted popup
Media files prove a threat to Windows
Understanding Windows 8’s File History
When a printer can’t work: Troubleshooting
Enjoy July 4 sound and light show technically
How to access ancient Win9x backups in Win7/8
Command Windows and enter data — by voice
A survival guide for the home IT manager
What awaits in Windows 8.1 — a Preview tour
See whether the dinosaurs come out for QBasic
Egyptian statue turns its back on the world
Hard drive shows wrong icon type
Understanding styles and themes in Word
Think twice about installing Windows 8.1 Preview
DIY services for creating simple websites
Preventing crashes caused by Windows Update
Filling the Wi-Fi holes once and for all
An application for overcoming password bloat
Staying in touch selectively: Any tricks?
Regular American mishap: California style
Pizza and tech: An app creates the perfect combo
Webway robbery: You can lose your domain
Every upgrade needs a good user’s manual
Hot-shop hotshots entertain museum visitors
Multiple options to obtain recovery discs
Total access to all your Windows backups
Avoiding those unwanted free applications
Patch Tuesday loaded with nonsecurity updates
Taking back full rights and control of your PC
Base-jumping the world’s tallest peak
More on creating bootable USB drives
Forgotten Windows control app for mobile users
Microsoft adds Windows 8 support to EMET
Outlook: Strain out spam and safeguard senders
Time for cleaning up leftover Windows updates
Your mother might fix your computer
Grand old machine on duty since Jazz Age
Tracking down the details on malware
Two new thin, lightweight Windows 8/RT devices
Filling Wi-Fi holes in a home network
Tips for traveling with digital devices
Join Windows Secrets’ readership survey
The afterlife of Blue Screen of Death events
Discovering new talent at Costco’s Pump 16
What you should know about disk-defrag reports
Online shopping — at the Microsoft Store
Use your smartphone to take Windows online
Catching up on Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
Shared knowledge saves time and sanity
Rising and falling by diverse means: mimed
Unlocking a read-only USB flash drive
Hard-drive crash! A tour of a data-recovery lab
Microsoft Word 2010 vs. 2013: Feature showdown
Going Google (apps) Part 3: Share/collaborate
‘Illegitimis non carborundum’ applies to tablet
If you want to write Windows 8 apps
Here comes the sun: Beach-blanket Seattle
What’s a Bitcoin and why would you want one?
Restoring SSDs from non-SSD image backups
Apps for building and organizing a music library
Utilities for better productivity and security
One way to catch your own mistake: Describe it
The travails of a good-sport fisherman
Tools for creating a bootable flash drive
How to reduce SkyDrive synching problems
Put problematic kernel updates and IE 10 on hold
Going Google (apps), Part 2: Move your docs
How do we love thee, XP? Let us count the ways
More free security tools from Microsoft
Giving employees a say over business technology
Small boy with big sticks plays gigs
20 simple tips and tricks for Win7 and Win8
Going Google (apps), Part 1: Move your mail
How to network various Windows versions
Riding on the ridge of the world in Nepal
A dozen tools for removing almost any malware
Assessing Win8 File History — and its weaknesses
Setting up a Win7/Win8 dual-boot system
It’s the final (support) countdown for Windows XP
How to share big video files privately
Ice cubes bigger than chunks of Manhattan
Microsoft’s six free desktop security tools
Are both PC and router firewalls necessary?
Two ways to put Windows 7 and 8 on the same PC
Working with the real Microsoft Support
Safely, easily move partitions with these tools
Software updates: For more than new tricks
Microsoft/Google decisions zing Calendar users
Dog and human entertained by machine
More ways to ditch unsightly network cables
Making yourself at home with Windows 8
Some excellent RSS alternatives to Google Reader
Best of both worlds: Add Win8 features to Win7
Free photo editors vs. Photoshop Elements
Up against the 2TB drive-size ceiling
Seal pup works hard at relaxing on surfboard
What’s better than an external hard drive?
The malware wars: How you can fight it
Microsoft makes an about-face on Flash in IE 10
Edit, spruce up, and share your videos for free
What survives an upgrade from XP to Win7?
Old dance steps meet new(er) mambo music!
Malware hitches a ride home on a thumb drive
Two free, full-blown alternatives to MS Office
Prepping for IE 10, plus a master PW chart
Using Trusteer to enhance online-banking security
How to safely use a drive-connector kit
Bringing Richard Parker to the screen
Read specs, say the experts — even to one another
Surviving your first hour with Office 2013
Four apps that restore the Start menu in Win8
Using multiple layers of security — an update
Admirable companions: Two dogs dining
Lounge members discuss costs of upgrade
Security alert: Bogus tech-support phone calls
Jump-starting your new Windows 8 installation
Flash and Java: It’s déjà vu all over again
Internet Explorer 10 coming to Windows 7 — soon
Preserving files for the generations
How and when to update your system’s drivers
Russian crash-cams catch crashing meteor
Understanding Elements’ photo-editing tools
Call it unreliable: your precious hard drive
House Call 2013 — Part 2: Prepping for an upgrade
Picking the right way to schedule Windows tasks
Beautiful gray horse takes up hip-hop
Install two updates before shopping for flowers
Maintaining a computer: The car analogy
House Call 2013 — Part 1: Sanitizing a drive
Software SmackDown: Office 2013 vs. Office 365
A few digital oddities from the 2013 CES
Finding Safe Mode in Windows 8 isn’t easy
Finding and silencing (or reducing) computer hum
New Year’s resolutions of mysteries
Java update comes sooner than expected
Football people say the strangest things
Legitimate app breaks popular encryption systems
Your contributions help us sponsor needy kids
Java: More than the usual cup of coding coffee
Headlong history of electronic invention
Tackling the thorny .NET update process
When a HomePlug network suddenly stops working
Should you use a ‘Hosts file’ hack on Windows?
Security alert: Remove Java from your browsers
Pursuit of high-risk happiness via surfboard
As if paying taxes weren’t hard enough
Microsoft releases critical patch for IE
Devices to give Wi-Fi networks a boost
Zapping System Progressive Protection
No-reformat reinstalls for all Windows versions
Eight bits of animal lore — contradicted
Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
A refresher course on Facebook privacy controls
How to understand your best friends
Restoring Remote Desktop from afar
Microsoft starts 2013 with a hefty Patch Tuesday
External SSDs: Excellent speed, many new choices
How to benchmark your portable devices
Let your PC start the new year right!
With Windows 8, “off” isn’t really off
A Windows-patching December to remember
Henri presents the best Wackys of 2012
A book to help you think — effectively
Eight simple steps for setting up Windows 8
MS Security Essentials: Poor showing in new test
Real law applies to you et al. at Facebook
Putting Wi-Fi router’s security to the test
Special Windows 8/RT Patch Watch edition
Generous in the Lounge all year ’round
Bad news just in time for the holidays
Making your software environment fully portable
Holiday sounds and lights in Sioux Falls